Smolov jr ideas?

  1. Smolov jr ideas?

    Okay so I know the rule is to never mess with a proven program. I'm just interested in trying to make the gains easier to keep afterwards.

    So the original is
    M-6x6 70%
    W-7x5 75%
    F-8x4 80%
    S-10x3 85%

    Week 2:

    Week 3:

    So I was thinking of subtracting 5% from each one so it would be;

    6x6 65%
    7x5 70%
    8x4 75%
    10x3 80%

    And also if the number is like 293 for example rounding down instead of up. And the Deload week I'm thinking of would look like this in the forth week.

    M-4x3 70%
    W-3x2 75%
    F-2x1 80%
    S- test new max

    So pretty much reduce the sets and reps but keep the percentages the same. For the actual 3 weeks I was thinking Monday and Wednesday since the weights are lighter doing the the other body parts not used in the bench so they at the very least maintain. And doing maybe 10x10 of Facepulls every workout. Please don't bash this, that's not the point. Just give any advice, opinions, or tweaks that would help make this better.

  2. What is your purpose for reducing the loads and sets?
    I could see it if you felt the weight was too heavy at the given %.
    When using a 1RM chart, sometimes people cannot perform the listed percentage for their 1RM.
    Say your 1RM is 200 and you are aiming for 75% 1RM which is supposed to be 10 reps, but you get it for 8 reps.

    This is why using RPE can work a bit better when you are judging the amount of weight to use.
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