Inzer 13mm Lever?

  1. Inzer 13mm Lever?

    Lookin for opinions on the thickness of this brand of belt. I've read that 13 is too thick and tough as **** to use for most people. But it's listed for 80 on Craigslist, 6 months used, and I wouldn't have to wait 4 weeks to get it from Inzer.

    Plan to use it mostly for squats. Don't think I need a belt at all for my deads right now. Even though I pull about 500, I just don't feel any strain on my back to warrant a belt right now

  2. I use this belt it's fantastic. Start wearing one on deads too, no reason not too. You won't feel the strain on your back from it until it's too late and you'll then be like "I wish I wore that belt."
    Purus Labs Rep

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