Prilepin's Chart, Programming and You

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    Bottom line is that it shouldn't be a grinder. I'm sure you are familiar with those and have encountered grinders on your journey to hitting 400# benches, whatever squats and near 600 deadlifts. If it is you're at the top/pushing the limit. If that's ok and fits your programming so be it. I think it's not terrible if your last rep of your last set is a grinder, especially if you're working on a weakness (a grinder at low% = strength issue, grinder at high % = power issue), but you shouldn't see those anytime before your last set IMO or you're working at a higher % than you think you are/than you intended.
    Great post.
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    Great post.
    Yeah, it was a good one Toro...!

  3. I'd recommend using RPE instead of basing everything purely off of percentages, especially as you get to the higher end of the spectrum. For example, during the transmutation phase in block periodization, you're intentionally overreaching and you will most likely not get the allotted percentages as a result.
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  4. When I was into PLing, I used this chart religiously when planning max attempts.
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