First PL Meet-Break Down

  1. I thought I'd post a thread about my first experiece. I was nervous leading up to it and searched the Internet for all te information I could find. A few other members have posted their experiences here, and others sharing information in their logs. I thought I would do the same for anyone that may be curious about the same.

    I weighed in the evening before. I ate breakfast that morning and sipped on 1 bottle of Gatorade the rest of the day and weighed in at 6pm at 214.2 Then I went and plowed onion rings, sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, filet tips, protein bar and Gatorade the rest of the evening.

    Woke up with no appetite due to nerves and forced down some juice, bagel and a cliff bar. Got to the meet around 9am and gave my openers of 485/275/475 and rack settings. I wish I did one pin lower as I felt the bar hit as I stepped out.

    No one knew for sure the exact starting times so I made my way to the back with the other lifters and began to warm up. Foam rolling, resistance band mobility work and stretches. They had crap for weights to warm up with so I hit 135,225,315,405 and was good. Got back to the platform area then they said 20 minutes to go. I went back and wrapped my knees and hit 405x3 (bumper weights so there was no more room on the bar to do more)

    I had the second to last squat so I tried timing everything. My first wrap was slightly loose but 485 was easy. Gave my second attempt of 525. I wrapped as the lifter before me got under the bar. I felt rushed and didn't get my second knee wrapped until they called the bar is ready. It was a **** wrap that was too high on my calf and prevented me from hitting my depth and was red lighted. 3rd attempt was 550. I realized I'd rather have numb feet than a poor wrap so I wrapped as the lifter before me was having his bar ready and took my time and nailed the lift.

    I had about 10 minutes to warmup for bench using a flattened adjustable bench. I hit 185 and 225 and a few push-ups and banded pull downs. 275 white, 300 white and 320 fail. The pause for command on the chest wasnt too excruciating long but I'm a poor bencher.

    For deadlift, we used the same stiff bar we squated with. Warmed up on the platform with 135,225,315,405. My left shoulder was hurting bad from the bench and the deadlift pulled it even more. Opened 475 white and quick. 525 second attempt I slowed at my knees but got it up smoothly. 545 I dropped at my knees. I was wore out. I either should have done less for a second attempt, or went all out for it.

    Before the competition started and I began talking to the lifters, my nerves immediately disappeared and I was 100% amped. It felt like I slammed 400mg of caffeine. My only supplementation was 4 joint health and caffeine free FXT. My shoulders were rubbed down in capsaicin and thighs with bengay. I foam rolled between each lift and never sat down. My appetite came back strong after my first lift and over the course of the event I had 3 cliff bars, 1 protein bar and a gallon of Gatorade-all of which was easy in my stomach. Nose tork was used on 3rd attempt lifts before I stepped out onto the platform. Chalk on the back for squat. Stickum spray on the back and butt for bench. Baby powder and socks for deadlift (someone spewed blood all over the bar). The judges were good and approached me after each failed attempt so tell me what I did wrong. They were also giving advice to the other lifters. Everyone had me in bench and deadlift but I out squatted everyone but a 60yr old equipped lifter who opened with 600. It wasnt a competitive atmosphere. Every lifter quickly became your friend.

    I took first in 220 and overall best lifter raw by formula.

    Not looking for congratulations but just posting for others who may be interested in competing.
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  2. Nice deep strong squatting bud and good write up.
    Congrats on the placing and super first meet finish...!

  3. I am getting ready for my first in June and this is much appreciated. I am hoping for a good atmosphere as I am not very strong by powerlifting standards.
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  4. It was definety a positive atmosphere. Second I said its my first meet the veterans started offering advice and encouragement. There was a broad range of experience: from the guy who left his knee wraps on himself for the whole squat flight to the elite 60yr old. Focus, take a breath, and listen to commands. Saw a monster bench red light because he racked too soon and a huge deadlift set down too quickly.
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  5. Cherry = popped!

    You did great Sean, you should be proud. Take what you learned here and apply it to your training. Now the hard part begins: making adjustments to bring your total even higher. I thought i knew about training before my first meet.

    Now I realize I knew a whole h.ell of a lot less than I thought...

  6. Would love advice from u to when the beef blows over. When I get the vid up critic me please!! I am 238 now but would try and compete in 220 if I lose a bit more gut. How old are u too. Is 22 too old to start again??

  7. I'm 25
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    I'm 25
    Is your meet tested?

    If not iv got a great way to cut weight and come back the next day weight more then when you got there... Iv done it 2x and worked great both times.

  9. Tested, though there was no test. None of that for me though.
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  10. Good work Sean. I'm looking to compete after a year or two of structured PL'ing training.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Tested, though there was no test. None of that for me though.
    It's not anything illegal... It's more for your recomp to get the weight back.... Not ratting for a day isn't good for strength.

  12. Yeah I hear ya. It was only an 8 hour fast. I was afraid of slipping over 220 because I had been swaying back and forth over it the weeks prior.

    What's your tip?
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