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    How good does Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 program work

  2. Well it depends on your goals?
    I think it is a good all round fitness program maybe an adjunct for say athletes.
    I do think however most trainees can "press" more /hit higher volume/frequency more than once or so per week or so.
    I liked his Triumvirate actually, but that was fitted more towards MY goals of strength.

  3. The program works well for most everyone who actually follows it. There are a ton of logs on here, Sean, est1969, rockme all have 5/3/1 logs. Use the search function to find those logs, subscribe to them, read up on them from the beginning to see their results before buying the e-book.

    Or buy the e-book and take everyone's word for it that it works very well.
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  4. Hey Drew, the reason I asked what your goals might be, is that you may have a certain center point in mind that is not necessarily addressed to your needs perfectly in certain routines. Nothing wrong at all with 531. I ran that when Jim came out with it a few years back too. (Wendler's best quote: There's not enough traps in here))
    Just a few points on most/any routines. (and I usually follow a Prilipin guideline which is more strength oriented) is there are many good routines, from old Hepburn stuff, to Rips SS, Starr's 5x5's etc. etc. I even remember years back having great success with the Russian Percent program (at least for my bench press. It is a much different animal for squats or deads however.
    Anyway, it teaches one more to move slowly (if you are not used to them) into doing heavy low reps and or singles and such, instead of just jumping right in with little experience. Form, tendon strength, the CNS all that stuff is trainable, but if you ease into it, the burnout or injury doesn't happen to a point where one gets stuck for a bit or loses gym time.
    I like a routine that starts with some reg volume and maybe moves the volume up thru the course of weeks/months and then starts to prepare you for heavy single attempts at the end of the cycle (if that is a goal!?)

    Just my 2 centos...!

  5. My goal is to gain strength in my 1rm for powerlifting squat bench deadlift

  6. Check out 5/3/1 for Powerlifting. He sells the E-Book for 20 bucks on his website.

    You just switch Week 2 with Week 1 and throw in some singles on weeks 1 and 3 after your 5/3/1 sets. He also has a meet prep template.
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  7. As with any program, it is dependent upon the accountability and intensity put forth by the trainee/client.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    As with any program, it is dependent upon the accountability and intensity put forth by the trainee/client.
    wow, do i wish more people realized that. i often see people dismiss a great program after half assing it and writing it off as everyone is different.
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