inzer t-rex size 34

  1. inzer t-rex size 34

    hello all. im currently training for a meet in york pennsylvania june 22-23. i have a brand new inzer t-rex squat suit size 34. i only wore it 3 sundays and couldnt get the feel of it. what happened is that i sent my measurements to inzer and they sent me a 38. when i put it on, it just kinda slid on and felt loose. i had a z-suit that was a 34, so i sent it back and ordered a 34. well that was a mistake. so i trained in it for three weeks, so there is baby powder in it and i cant send it back. i dont even think i broke a sweat in it because when i had 550 on the bar i couldnt get anywhere near parallel. then we started adjusting the straps and it was causing me to twist out of the whole. so, i think i really need the 38. its been sitting around for a year, so if anyone is interested in it hit me up and i can show you some pics. im about to order another suit, so it will just continue to sit in my gym.

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