Strongman competition training program

  1. Strongman competition training program

    Hi guys. New to the forums and looking for some advice as I and a friend have entered a Britain Strong Man competition in march for 2 man team under 85kg.

    Events are:
    400kg tyre flip - team
    60kg block press for reps
    80kg falmers walk for distance then swap
    90kg falmers dead lift for reps
    300kg team arm over arm pull

    I believe that's all (relying on the info he has given me). I currently train a lot of 5x5 and 3x10 but will obviously to adjust exercises, sets and reps in order to get the best out of myself for this competition.

    Diet is good and I have done a few steroid courses over the past 2 years so if anyone has good knowledge of juice I am looking at doing a 5 week course just to get some extra strength for the comp. If anyone can recommend me a course to run that would be great.

    5' 9
    80kg currently
    Mostly clean diet
    2 years 6 months training experience. May as well right off first 6 months as that was mainly knowledge building.

    So with your help I am looking for advice on a training program more specific for the events I will be doing and also advice on best anabolic course to run just for 5 weeks pre comp.
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    i think there is some strongman training stuff in that book.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by asooneyeonig View Post

    i think there is some strongman training stuff in that book.
    Thanks I appreciate that. Only problem I have is I've got just over 6 weeks to prepare and it would take me weeks to read over the book lol. Need some specific advice on a program ASAP.

  4. Decided to pin sus. Just need to sort out a program now.

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