For experienced Strongmen....Question

  1. Lightbulb For experienced Strongmen....Question

    I have done 2 comps last year and training up for the 2013 season. The biggest challenge i had last year during comps was energy. After 3 events i was feeling groggy and tired, really tired. I carb load for 2 days and rest for a minimum 3 days before an event. I was wondering if i should have a training day once every 2 weeks or once a month of pure intensity, meaning lots of different exercises in the gym to ready myself for the action packed day? Also during the comp i use some boosters to give me some energy, but end up feeling sick and light headed...

  2. how much conditioning do you do? i train with several strongman competitors and they do lots of prowler work and other conditioning. when a large group of us get together we will do prowler relay work till someone pukes and no one wants to be the first so it gets rather brutal, lol.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. It could be the stimulants you are using. You might be either using too much or responding to them outside of the inverted U curve for arousal, or, you might be metabolizing them quickly and thus crashing earlier in the event.

    Are you eating the morning of the event and during the competition?

  4. I am eating morrning before, oatmeal mixed with fruit. Also during the comp i FORCE myself to eat hardy sandwiches throughout the day, im always nervous so its hard to eat. Iv started to make my workouts about 1h45m to 2hr from my 1h20m to 1h30m thinking this may help with conditioning. Good point on the stimulants.

  5. Very random question John, but you wouldn't happen to know of any facilities with strong man equipment in the central KY area?

    I had some cool places to train back home in CT, and can't seem to find anything around here.

  6. I live in Canada my man..Cant help you.. Random question yes, but needed to be asked..

  7. GPP. Need to hit the sled and or prowler 3 days a week or so for building a decent level of conditioning. I always prefer intervals like you see in competition, 1 min to 1.5min max effort sled pulls mixed with low intensity pulling. for a total of 20-25min give or take. You can also look into hitting Tabatas with Kettlebells, barbell complexes, sprints, etc.

  8. look into making sure that you have a nice build up of Omega-3 Fatty Acids as that helps with the light headed/fuzzy thing. Also having some dextrose during your workout might help a bit with the light headedness


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