Westside vs. 5/3/1

  1. Westside vs. 5/3/1

    So what are your opinions on the two training methods? I know that west side requires more understanding of exercises and that 5/3/1 is supposedly an easier beginning foundation but what are the opinions of the a m readers

  2. Conjugate periodization takes a ton of understanding to execute effectively.

    5/3/1 is a simple, effective way to get stronger.

    With your current level I would say 5/3/1 all the way as conjugate periodization is for very experienced lifters.

  3. they both work.

    5/3/1 is a structured base program with lots of options for accessory work.

    westside is a structured program with lots of options for accessory work.
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  4. Okay thanks guys ill stick with 5/3/1 but out of curiosity what accessory work would pair well with bulking

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dmmcclair View Post
    Okay thanks guys ill stick with 5/3/1 but out of curiosity what accessory work would pair well with bulking
    Boring but big template

    Dave Tates periodization Bible

  6. Thanks and hate to be a pain, but what are your guys thoughts on a 5x5 template?

  7. I only speak for myself but I have been following the 5x5 an have seem very measurable strength gains!

  8. Okay the strength is something I'm after but I also want to ask about the mass gain potential of 5x5 vs westside or 5/3/1

  9. Gains in muscle mass will be dependent on your diet. Youll gain from all of those programs. I'm one for 5/3/1. Westside takes some time to fully understand it and use it correctly. I'm not a fan of MadCows 5x5 template, just a personal preference.
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  10. Thanks guys

  11. Not a fan of linear periodization a la 5x5 as it has a very limited shelf life and the template itself is somewhat imbalanced in terms of planar movements. 5/3/1 can be done solo, but conjugate cannot be done solo. It's a misnomer that 5/3/1 requires less understanding of technique as it is just as important with 5/3/1 as conjugate training. What is easier is that 5/3/1 is basically written out for you in terms of sets and reps, but conjugate training is really up to the lifter in terms of what lift to use for ME and supplemental and percentages used.
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  12. @rodja

    Thanks man that lays it out really well, one last question (swear I'm not trying to be a pest) is 5/3/1 better for bulking than 5x5

  13. Diet determines bulking far more than the training.
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  14. Then once again thank you rodja, my hat is off to you

  15. 5/3/1 for the beginner to Intermediate lifter
    Westside for the intermediate to advanced

    Westside is good for anyone, but I dont recommend it to new lifters because it takes a lot of work to design a program under the westside template, vs a simple program like 5/3/1.

  16. I dont much care for 5x5 programming because it leaves you with few options in terms of hitting peak weights (top strength 3s,2s,1s,) and It doesnt give you as much hypertrophy as training in the 8-12 rep range. Seems like a no mans land of strength training. 5x5 for a week or two sure, defenitely not an entire training cycle.

  17. I ran 5x5 for 8 months, got a lot stonger and gained 20 lbs. I eat a lot. You can add size on 5x5, but the focus is directed at increasing strength. The 10-15 rep range may give more size growth than 5x5 or 5/3/1 if you eat a lot. If you're not already moving heavy % for your body weight the 5x5 and variants will get the job done. Working weights are getting heavy so prob switch to 5/3/1 on bench but keep 5x5 on squats and other lifts. Working 3 days on stonglifts/mad ow works nicely. I have time to do other stuff. I do add in rest weeks so not strictly following the plan. This allows me to hit heavy 1,2 or 3 at end of my rest week or beginning of the next week. For size remember to eat a lot. 2 weeks of 5x5 would not be a good use of time to me. Anything worth doing usually takes time. Try 3-6 months unless you are using AAS.


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