Training when sick?

  1. Training when sick?

    Quick question, have a head cold, and almost never get sick, my workout is supposed to be on Monday, if in not 100 percent or close to it, lets say 80 percent, would it be better to just eat as much as I can and skip the workout and just try and hit the next one? Or suffer through it to keep the progress going?

  2. Rest and recover, no use risking injury by training sick. Also it is of no use training when sick since recovery will be hindered thus yielding little to no progress at all, and like afore stated, your risk of injury is higher...that would put yah out of the gym for way longer than some days.
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  3. People might now agree to this but I still train even when sick. Sure it ain't as powerful as usual but while I lift I feel a bit better and If I don't train I feel Worse so fuxk it.

  4. Ill take both under advisement, don't know whether ill get in my macros today

  5. thing with training while sick is you wont recover from the session because youre still recovering from sickness. then combine that with the effect on glutamic acid post workout and your immune system dip, your setting yourself up for further infection. some people mistake head sickness to allergies, thats a different story compeltely because allergies can congest you and exercise could relieve that

  6. I've had some of my best workouts when I was sick. You would be amazed at the increases in strength and endurance when your metabolism is working at it's max.

  7. Home workouts with little or moderate loads (dumbbells and kettlebells) may help lessen the sickness and speed up recovery.


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