Brandon Lilly Cube Method Tester Log

  1. Today marks day 1 week 1 of testing Brandon Lilly's cube method...Mr lilly told me to log all my training and being that he is a monster of a man I'm not going to say no....bit of a.background on me...I just got back in the gym after a long lay off about a year ago got bored of bodybuilding and started focusing on powerlifting about 7 months ago in that time my squat went from 364-500, bench from 240-325 and dead from 430-530....I couldn't stick with a program and lilly is someone who I watched a lot of.videos of and read about and decided I would give this a shot....I'm gonna try to keep my diet at 4 meals a day 1500 calories each as clean as I can get them...I'm 25 6'2 245-250 but not lean so my goal is obviously stength gains and I would like to get to around 265 12-15% bf and then do my first meet....tonight is deadlifts for reps so ill hop on after and post the workout...if you don't no about the cube method here's a background on Brandons blog

  2. W1D1

    Rep dead day

    4" block pulls

    Olympic stance strap bar squat

    Leg curl

    Strap bar good mornings


    Everything felt ok...supposed to do ssb squats but don't have 1 yet so pulled a clint darden and threw some straps on that bitch

    Don't have a ghr yet so went with leg curls and strap bar good mornings because I have no back raise

    Im in the process of converting my basement into a gym got a lot but its a slow process

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