Intermediate 4 Day Split for Strength

  1. Intermediate 4 Day Split for Strength

    I'm running Starting Strength at the moment and my stats are 250/185/315. Does this routine look like it could be useful to me at some point or would I be better off moving on to a routine like Madcows 5x5 or Texas Method? (Once I can't progress anymore on SS)

    Monday (Bench Press and Related Exercises)
    Bench Press 5X5 (Sets Across)
    (Press Assistance)
    Push Press 1X5
    or Standing DB Press 2X8
    or Kettlebell Jerk 2x8
    or KB Push Press 2x8
    (alternate among the four)
    Chin/Pull Ups 3X12 + Dips


    Tuesday (Squats and Pulling Exercises)
    Squats 5X5 (sets across)
    Powercleans 5x3 (or Bentover BB Row 3x8)
    Glute Ham Raise 5X10

    Thursday (Press and Related Exercises)
    Standing Press 5X5 (sets across)
    (Bench Press Assistance)
    DB Bench 3X6-12 (add weight when you get all 12)
    Chin/Pull Ups 3x12 + Dips


    Friday (High Intensity Squat and Deadlift Exercises)
    Front Squat 5X3
    alternate weekly w/
    Back Squat 3x1 or 3x2 or 3x3 (alternate rep scheme)
    10x2 Box Squats (65% of 5x5 weight)

    Bench Press 1x1 (to be done on weeks w/3x1 Front Squats. Eliminate Thursday bench on these weeks)
    Deadlift 1X5 (every week)

    If anyone knows a more popular name of this routine please post it. Any time I search for it on forums it brings me to some bodybuilding routine.


  2. they will all help. do the one you believe in, give it your all, and enjoy the gains.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Sorry to bring up an old topic but what order are stats in ?

  4. I would start your "intensity" day with speed work first, speed work primes your nervous system to handle heavier weights later in the workout. Otherwise looks solid.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Stroke UR Ego View Post
    Sorry to bring up an old topic but what order are stats in ?
    They are in the order of squat/bench/deadlift as a 1RM

    unfortunately I got sick and my lifts regressed. I'm going to run SS to bring them back up then move on to Texas method. After that I will either run the routine I posted in the OP or 5/3/1

    Thanks for the input Ric! ^



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