tire flip/drag routine

  1. tire flip/drag routine

    Hey everyone im actually on a unplanned/planned break from working out(overtrained)but for my starting back up like to know a good routine cant be real intense as im taking a full week off (no exercise)then a week of light cardio and 3-4th would like a cross training program(tire flips/pulls/pushs ect)to keep muscle and start getting back in the swing of working out again.

    First time in 5 years i actually would not be doing any type of exercise for a week.
    Hoping this is long enough had sihns for years but just now shutting down.

    I got a 400+loader tire,no prowler (yet)a few car tires and power bands,sand bags any help to help me recover/set up would be thankful for.

  2. What exactly are you asking - for an "easy" routine to get back into things ? You can do plenty with sandbags , burpees, get ups, lunges , squats , etc - you get my point ..

  3. How to have a workout with a tire thats overly intense,like mybe 70yrd flips and carry back?Is that to intense or avg?Im also doing this before breakfast taking 10g x-tend.

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