need to fullfill goal of 300kg DL

  1. need to fullfill goal of 300kg DL

    awrite guys, i would really like to improve my deadlift to the 300kg mark.. im 104kg bodyweight just now... i dont have access to a powerlifting gym where i could be taught by experience so for now i make do, my current deadlift weight is 245kg 1RM is there any tips or tricks i could get from you all that would help increase the weight?.. training logs, new routines to try anything would be appreciated.

  2. work the weak links. do variations of the deadlift that you suck at. add in some speed work. do unilateral work. to be more specific, can you tell us your workout that you are currently doing?

    also, have you tried any deadlift programs already? if so how did they workout for you?
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