old man update

  1. old man update

    I am preparing for apf worlds in vegas At 60 it gets harder and harder, but love of the sport keeps me going. I finished a 6 wk cycle Sunday for my bench and hit a 355 touh and go (raw). Must admit that my gains in all lifts are due in part to the suppliments I am taking from ageforce. I use their patchs and this stuff is really good!! Any otherseniors gong to vegas??

  2. Good luck to you.I am almost 50 and only do bench,bench bw for reps and curl and I know what you mean about getting harder.The last meet I went to I was next to the oldest man there(a 60yr old) and we both held our own with the young guys.I wish I could make vegas but I couldn't afford it and it's too far from alabama.

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