Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate?

  1. Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate?

    Has anyone ever been to a meet run by RPS? I'm going to a competition in columbus, OH this month and i'd like to know how it is run and how many people are usually at their meets.

  2. RPS is a new powerlifting org that is featured in the XPC Coalition. The XPC 'Dan Dague" Lexen Xtreme owner is the man behind XPC and the creator of RPS is Gene Rychlak Jr. I did two meets at the Arnold that was Gene and Dan promotion XPC Coalition Meet Pro/Elite meet. Also I have done two Last Man Standing bench meets. Just did one Friday the 7th. I think you will enjoy the meet. always a great time, and a lot of the top lifters lift in the RPS. You will have a blast. Tell Gene I said hi and see him Oct at the XPC Semi Finals in Columbus.

  3. RPS Last Man Standing I

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