How much is too much? When to stop?

  1. How much is too much? When to stop?

    I have been powerlifting and training for many years. I am currently 38 yrs old, 6'5 335lbs. I am currently doing a test tren....please no newbie pct replys. I know what I'm doing. My goal is to beark the world raw bench of 715. I am currently benching over 600 consistently, with PB of 645. My question is should I be worried about the weight gain? My doc put me on blood pressure meds and is concerned. She said that weather or not it is muscle, all the weight is very unhealthy. I'm not fat, 38inch waist...but in order to hit the 715 mark, I'm going to have to gain some more weight. Also, elevated pressure is probably partly due to the tren, wich Doc doesnt know about. So..should I keep eating and lifting to hit 715..or am I digging my self a grave?

  2. What's your blood pressure at while not on a cycle?

    Btw that's an awesome goal! I hope u achieve it!

  3. Off Its like 130/80 - with no BP meds

    120/60 - on BP meds

    I dont take BP meds off cycle, because I usually lose like 40lbs or so. But I continue to take em until weight goes down

  4. 130/80 with no meds is in my opinion a decent blood pressure. I m not a doctor but I m an emt. I've def seen alot worse like 185/110 and that's horrible. 130/80 is good. Although the excess weight might cause other problems, which I m sure u r aware of. The perfect bp is 120/80.

  5. Have you tried supplementing with taurine. It's known to lower bp through vasodialation(i think) and generally considered safe up to 10 grams a day. Once i started dosing it at 8 to 10 grams a day, my bp dropped down to healthier levels fairly quickly. I'm currently using the 2 to 4 grams a day(around my workouts) and still maintain whats considered an appropriate bp . Of course, might want to discuss this with your physician

  6. i love your goal!!! do still young so iv never worried to much about blood pressure, never the less its something to think about. There is alot of information on the net about bringing your bp down..good luck partner.

  7. why do you think you need to gain more weight? scott weighed just under 330lbs and hit 715.....

    not flaming just askin.


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