getting ready for nats

  1. getting ready for nats

    Thought I would post myt progress as I get ready for raw nats. I am 60 at 230 lbs. 6 months ago I had a max sq of 424, bp under 300 and dl 417. I finished my last 6 wk cycle last week with a 485sq 300 bp and 475 dead. Hopefully by nats I will be in the 500 range for sq and dl. I have 4wks to play with before my last 6wk cycle prior to nats. So i thought I would try this. . 4th wk 3x5, 3rd wk 3x4, 2nd wk 3x3 and last week 3x2 for sq and dl only. Mon i squatted 370x5 and it was difficult where it should have been easy. I still have not recovered 2 days later and not sure why. if anybody has any ideas please help. Sleep nutrition, and supplimentation and stress are not issues. Would appreciate any feed back.

  2. There ya go! Congrats man!

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