My Journey to APA Elite - Raw (BPS, Wendler)

  1. My Journey to APA Elite - Raw (BPS, Wendler)

    Some current stats on myself:

    Age: 25
    Weight: 163
    Height: 5ft 8in

    Current Lifts (raw):

    Squat: 505lb
    Bench: 300
    Deadlift: 450

    Total: 1255lbs

    As you can see, my push and pull are what's keeping me below Elite class (1298lbs is the required total); currently in Master class.

    There is an APA meet in my local area April 21st, and I'm hoping to crush the Master class and elevate myself to Elite within the new few months.

    With a new training and diet program, and the help of a couple products from Bulk Performance Solutions (BPS), I hope to make it there.

    Stay tuned for videos. I'm prepping for the meet and will be making a couple posts each week in an effort to track my progress.



  2. Increase your bench number. You gotta compete with those other monster numbers.

  3. Pulled 455 tonight. I missed the 470 attempt, but I think if I would have made the jump from 425 right to 470 I could have stuck it.

    Bench is reaaaaally sucking as of late. I could barely press 280 tonight after my pulls. - I'm working lots of pin-presses and lat-width exercises to try to fix the issue; I know it's my shoulders holding me back.

    Aside from that, everything is going about as well as I could hope. If I could get my DL up to a more solid number I could really make up for the difference in my bench. Hoping to have it at least to 475 by the meet.

  4. awsome stuff man looking forward to seeing the progress...

    your not from gulf coast australia? are ya

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Newtonselite View Post
    awsome stuff man looking forward to seeing the progress...

    your not from gulf coast australia? are ya
    No, Florida.

    Training tomorrow with my wife. I hope to get a video I can post. - Squats tomorrow, Bench and DL later in the week.

  6. Yeah, that's cool man. I had no idea you got married!!!! WTF are you doing these days?


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