Trying A Bench Shirt For The First Time

  1. Trying A Bench Shirt For The First Time

    Old lifter here- plus 45. Been lifting since I was an early teenager. Been looking at bench shirts a while and finally decided upon an Inzer Rage X. Going to give it a try here in a few mins. First thing i've been excited about since Primordial Performance's products for Mass came out. How do the rest of you guys who use these shirts like them? I've been watching videos on how to put them on and have managed to put this one on and take it off by myself. Made me sweat a bit but I did it. Anybody got any pointers on these things throw 'em out here, i'm eager to learn. Thanks.

  2. Ok, just got back from working out and I gotta say I am stunned! I was able to move 75lbs more than my norm max. I warmed up without the shirt first going-135x10, 225x10, 315x10, 405x3 and then put the shirt on and started adding weight. I judged I could get about 25 more lbs if I had someone to spot me. Given a few more sessions with this and i'm sure i'll be able to move on up. After maxing out with the shirt I took it off and did a max without it. I hope after a while of using this shirt my raw bench max will start moving up again as it has stagnated for quite a while. I've got some good bruises and contusions around my elbows and shoulders so it must be about right on the fit. Man, I am in such a good mood now and can't quit smilingj!

  3. Second workout with the shirt done. Moved up another 5lbs. Still can't get the bar to touch yet. It'll come soon though, as i'm getting close.

  4. Keep improving keep working! Your only as old as you feel! KEep Lifting!
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    Be careful with shirts. You can grow a dependency on them and your strength can really decline. I would advise using them in a manner similar to what I will outline below

    Warmup 1 sets
    Warmup 2
    Working Set 1
    Working Set 2
    Bench Shirt + Added weight 1
    Shirt + added weight 1-2 sets

    This way your body still gets the feeling of lifting RAW. Once you become fatigued throw on the shirt, add a few extra pounds and push it to the limit.

  6. not sure where your from but if your going to continue to use a shirt find a crew to work with... you miss the groove or dump.... your screwed big time.... i use to pl and never would i shirted bench solo.... maybe in a rack with the pins set so it wouldnt crush me but i could still touch n press

  7. Yeah, I only bench in my power rack with the safety bars set to catch anything I dump and I can squirm out. Thanks for the advice guys. I also just got my Inzer Hardcore Squat Suit and am loving it so far. Haven't hit paralell yet but i'm sure it will come with a few more uses. Got an Inzer Deadlift Suit coming too. My goal is to use these suits to help my RAW lifts get moving again as i've been stagnant on all of them for quite some time. So far, it's working.

  8. have you tried board presses, changing your pull heights? bands or chains? box squatting to dif heights?


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