Bench press max

  1. Bench press max

    Hey I really need to get my max bench press up in the next 3 weeks , I'm 151 lbs and currently at 240 bench , any tips or information would be very helpful

  2. Tren Ace.

    lol I joke. 3 weeks man? Thats soon to make any jumps.

  3. Squeeze the living piss out of the bar, if you werent doing this before it can give you around 10 pounds. Also look up smitty diesels benching video on youtube.
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  4. Bend the bar

  5. learn to bench. go to youtube and look up, so you think you can bench.

    probably the only way you will see such a jump in such a short period of time.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  6. practice some explosive reps out the hole (bottom)

    maybe 40-45% of ur 1-rep max

    i've seen as high as total sets being 8 but for low reps; 2-3

    work ur upper back hard - lots of pulling perpendicularly to ur body, i.e. barbell rows, db rows, cable rows
    everything else posted above will help too..squeeze that bar, drive ur legs into the ground when u push the bar

  7. Yeah... Throws might give you a quick boost at your level. As mentioned, 50% of 1RM, 8-12 sets, 3 explosive reps (might use a plate-loaded machine for this), 1 minute between sets. As the name implies, you literally want to throw the weight (without letting go). You should feel it pull you at the top of the movement.

    This develops CNS strength, i.e. you are teaching more fibers to fire at once.

    Caution? If you "bounce" the bar currently? Lift your butt? You are already weaker than you think... Just words to the wise - and remembering when I first thought I could bench 240 - and thought in timelines of 3 weeks in the gym. Maybe I'm wrong - but being married for 20+ years, I am used to being wrong.

    Good luck!

  8. What I do is switch rep ranges quite often so do 4 sets like so... 12-15 as warm up then 8/1-failure/6.... Then do some incline dumbell work... Atleast 2 sets. I never use decline for chest. Evaluate your grip as well. Change it up. One lil adjustment an inch away can change how your muscles are working completely. Keep shoulders back and also a preworkout can go a long way too.... Just advice tho. I can bench 400+ pounds at 22. Works for me
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    Should have some pics / videos posted of your current abilities so people can give more feedback.

    Shooting in the wind saying - "help me bench more"

  10. Do bottom lockouts and top lockouts. Hit your triceps hard.

  11. Bring them lats into play as well
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  12. Thanks guy appreciate the info

  13. Thanks for all of the info , im currently am at 260lbs bench and I have my big district meet in a week , got one more workout left b4 I rest for my meet ,
    I need to work on my bottom strength so im gonna do the explosive Reps(throws) for 8 sets of 3 with about 50% of my max but it sounds like it'll b pretty easy and that I should also do something else ,
    what else should I do for some more bottom strength?
    Would doing Heavy lockouts from my chest be any good? (like having the safety bars set to where the bar sits right on my chest and starting from the bottom and pressing )


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