1. weakpoints

    So my lifting partner can close grip pause(one thousand one press) 295 easy but in a comp(wide grip) cant get 275 off his chest. I cant seem to pinpoint his weakness. I feel it is his shoulders but not sure. He thinks its his chest. for now we are having him bring his grip in for comp but i dont think he can reach his full potential with a close grip. Any thoughts?

  2. Id say maybe wrap a band around his hands when warming up his comp grip to insure he is pulling the bar apart and tucking into his lats. A close grip doesnt require as much thought to tuck or activate the tris. And depending on how wide his grip is it very well could be shoulders. It would be my guess.

  3. Thanks. we actually did that for a little while might go back to it to see if thats the case again.

  4. Dont worry I do from time to time too. But Id still have him work on his shoulders with DB presses of all kinds, oh bb presses, ect. The chest is not a main mover in the bench and is likely not the weak point esp if one is pressing powerlifting style. My 2 cents.

  5. Lou stole my response. Do what he says.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Torobestia View Post
    Lou stole my response. Do what he says.


  7. Yeah I know the chest is not a big mover but for him to not get it off his chest had me thinking. But Ill start getting on him about shoulders again. thanks again

  8. Also deep db presses and cambered bar presses would help too.

  9. unfortunately I do not have a cambered bar. Since we lift in my garage im limited. Like the DB idea. I also was thinking DB incline as well and was going to have him illegally wide bench for reps every so often see if that helps as well. I have heard Louie talk about them

  10. You could everyonce in awhile try using the RE method for dbs where you pick a weight like 70lbs and do 3 sets to failure and all the reps, and the next week try to beat it. Then next time you do it do 90s then 110s and repeat. And louie says to do the illegal wide in heavy 6s. Floor presses would be good.


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