New to PL'ing/Sheiko

  1. New to PL'ing/Sheiko

    Hey guys,

    So I have been lifting for about 5 years now, and like most I started out on BB'ing routines. Well I grew pretty bored with this and started doing research. Ive been pretty interested in Westside but due to my schedule I really havnt had the time to get a full grasp of how its layed out which brought me to Sheiko.

    My results have been better than ever and love the intensity of the workouts. Squats and dealifts have gone up rapidly, and my bench went up quite a bit, but felt like it lagged compared to squats and deads.

    I ran Sheiko 37 back to back, after I read from several people that week 1 is sort of a deload. After my second run of 37 I attemted my first deload and did a type of BB'ing type week, switching in DB's and doing 60-70% type lifts for 10 reps, keeping all far from failure.

    To some up the ramble, my questions are:

    -Has anyone running Sheiko had to adjust the bench routines to get the "Sheiko" type intesity out of it.

    -The lifts like dips, weighted push ups, incline bench and flys do not have a weight guideline (%) are these suppose to be low weight or just use what you feel your body needs.

    -How are deloads normally structed as far as intesity and lifts.

    Just checking, any comments or ideas are wlecome thanks

  2. No Sheiko followers out there? I'd like to atleast talk with someone who is also a fan of this method of training. Cycle roration and what not. I'm currently running the contest prep to just mix up the volume and weight from Sheiko 37, any other good cycles to try out?

  3. Ive only done westside sorry
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. I've seen the sheiko routines, but I haven't used em yet. Sorry.

    I would think things like dips (unless weighted) are just bodyweight. If weighted, whatever you can handle for X reps.
    Same for flies, a weight that's challenging but something you can control.

    For specialty stuff in general, I just use a weight I can handle for X reps at whatever tempo.

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