deadlifting help

  1. deadlifting help

    hey guys,
    I'm posting this because I notice that all my lifts are pretty solid with the exception of deadlifts...I really don't know what I am doing wrong at all...I know my form sucks but I don't know how to correct it...any suggestions? I'm trying to post a video on here of my recent gym trip (today) as I was doing a set of 5 with 335

    I don't see how to post a video on here so I also need help on posting a video to a thread!

    please help guys

    alright i found how to post a video on here
    you can also watch my cousins football highlights if you want lol just no hate comments please ntext&context=G2643f79AUAAAAAA ABAA

  2. If you know your form sucks, then fix it. Obvious, right? Since you know your form sucks, you must have some idea where it sucks. Ask questions, or make changes.

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