Just got told that Chalk and Deadlifts are not allowed - WTF

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    My gym's owner was encouraging me to deadlift heavy haha.
    There was this old ass dude today at my gym deadlifting 315 for reps today. He had to be old enough to get a senior discount...

  2. I highly recommend Liquid Grip. No mess!

  3. Sorry double post here

  4. I agree with you. The people these days just don't want to take the time. Its to hard and they want to be little pussies. BTW, traing with a ball with air is good. Its good for stability, reaction, quickness and balance. And i am an iron head. So everything has its benfits. But i can say that benching on a bosu ball is just plain stupid.

    some people just need to man up.

  5. Just clean up your mess man. I use chalk at my gym but I clean it up, whip the bar down, and it looks like it was never there. Be respectful man, if they let you bend the rules be nice about it. My gym just opened up a back room for powerlifters, oly plates, racks with safety chains, texas squat bars, bench bars, deadlift bars, ghrs, reverse hyper, prowlers, deadlift platform built by hand. Its a legit place.

  6. I must say when I was relatively knew to working out and everything the first thing I learned to do was bench, deads and squats, yet I go to the gym which is normally packed with 30+ people the squat rack is always open. The only time I had to wait for the rack was one time, last week for a guy doing hanging pulls at the rear of the rack. GTFO and go do that on the smith machine bitch please
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get sexy....sexy as fwuark!!!!!!!!!

  7. Liquid chalk works to


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