Sunday 10/23/11

My meet report:
I'm sitting here typing with a nice solid hangover. Things went pretty well. This was my first meet since lifting in the Juniors class in about 1994. I was registered in the open and masters class 198's.
Hip circles, Dislocates
Squat warmups 2x8x45 5x95 5x135 5x185 2x225 1x245 1x265
Opener 285 easy 2nd 305 still easy 3rd 320 not as easy but 3 whites. Looked at the video and depth was good, knees stayed out and head and chest were up and locked in. The only thing I noticed that I need to work on is sitting back just a little more. I am sure I had at least another 15 pounds. I had a snack then of a protein bar and a Red Bull.
Dislocates, Shoulder complex
Bench warmups 2x20x45 5x95 5x115 5x135 2x155 1x175 1x185 paused
Opener 195 no problem 2nd 210 had to put in some effort and the pause was a little long 3rd 225 3 whites and it was a max lift. The pause was ridiculously long. I could have built a campfire and made smores down there. A lot of guys were complaining. I don't know what he was seeing but everyones press took forever.
Snack #2 bowl of potato salad and a bottle of water
Hip Circles, Leg Swings
Squats 8x45
DL 5x135 5x185 1x225 1x255 1x275
Opener 300 easy 2nd 315 still pretty easy. I developed a dip somehow that I never noticed in training and after watching the video I saw it. 3rd 330 easiest of all three. Made a small adjustment and got rid of the dip and it flew up nicely. I then announced for the final flight of DL and we cleaned up. I totaled 875 and got no red lights which was an important goal for me. I got 6/7 in the open and 2/2 for my age division. After that we went out and I had wings and a Smithwicks burger along with 3-4 Blackwicks. I love those things. After that I went to a buddy of mines house who brews beer and is in the process of getting his brewers license. I hung out there and 10-12 of their new winter lager. Check them out on Facebook, Race Street Brewery.
My goals I set at the start of the year was to go 315/225/315 by the end of the year. I exceeded that by 20 pounds and did it two months early so I am pretty pleased there. I didn't achieve any of my grappling goals, but it wasn't anything I could control. I spent the last week deciding on what I am going to do next, training wise. I am sticking with my current plan of 5-3-1 with no real changes. The only thing that will change is that I'm going to work a little lower rep range for a while. Everything else will be the same. I am also going to get back to more regular rolling and padwork schedule and get in a little better shape. As soon as I am able to rent space somewhere and get the gym moved I am going to make a major workout change. I am sticking with 5-3-1 and one assistance movement, but I am going to go back to my hurricane workout for the other movements. It won't be too far off from what I used to do but a lot less volume and not nearly as intense. I also plan on slowly dropping some weight after the first of the year and getting to around 190. I would like to be able to make 170 for grappling purposes for a little while longer. At 190 I can get there no problem.
I think my lifting goals for the next year are squat 365, Bench 240, DL 385. They seem pretty doable, even with trimming off 8 or so pounds, especially if things go as planned and I don't have to do any big side work this summer.
I won't be doing anything for the next week, and I'm heading to the beach for a long weekend, Thursday to Monday, after that I'll be back to normal lifting and grappling. I'll try and get the video up later next week. My cousin is going to edit it all together for me.