Lg sciences trifecta stack legal for USAPL?

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    Lg sciences trifecta stack legal for USAPL?

    hey fellas I have a meet coming up on nov 19th......i will just be getting done with the lg sciences trifecta stack....i was just windering if anything in this stack would cause me to come up with a false positive on a urine test.....if I do get pulled...thanx alot in advance guys...appreciate it!!!! Stay strong fellas!!!

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    you asked for a false positive, but anything that skews your test levels significantly would have you testing positive
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    You say a false positive? It was my understanding that the Trifecta stack is a prohormone stack. A mild one yes, but definitely a prohormone, not a natural supplement.

    I don't know the rules for USAPL but there is a chance that it is actually banned - in which case you will probably test and Actual positive

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