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    So I was looking around at different squat suits and on the titan site they have a "cut" option. Low and High cut. But for the life of me I cant figure out what the difference is or looks like. Anyone got any ideas? They arnt open on the weekends lol

  2. Future
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    Is this your first squat suit?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    Is this your first squat suit?
    Yea it is, My gym partener recommended the titan superior squat suit, single ply. I just dont know what cut I want. Ive only ever used a champion inzer suit to try and i liked the length.
  4. Future
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    High cut is more suited for guys without big bellies. I used a high cut.

    Consider Metal or Overkill for your suit. Better fit and still comfortable.

  5. What is the diff in look? Just curious.
    Ill look at those thanks.

  6. For a first suit I like Inzer or titan. When I started getting better I moved on to a Metal which I love. My gf had a little harder time using a metal her first time using one, but was fine in an inzer

  7. I got a the titan superior for my first suit, im just using it to learn and to have support while some injuries heal.

  8. What makes a Metal bad for a first squat suit? Just curious.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by deumcole
    What makes a Metal bad for a first squat suit? Just curious.
    Nothing if your technique is good. I have a metal ace and I love it, but not for the inexperienced. I started out in an inzer and its easy to learn. However they wear out quickly, excluding the leviathan. Metal pro suits are very stout and take time to learn but worth the effort. I have used inzer, titan , and metal, there all good but metal is my favorite and i wont go back


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