Hey guys

I am thinking about switching up from 5/3/1 to a strongman/conditioning type routine. I have oly lifted for about 15 years and have been pl-ing for about 4. ATM my elbows arent allowing me to really do much lifting due to tendonitis/osis and I have decided that I need to take it easy for a while.

I know that when I do conditioning I dont really have any joint pain, so I would like to do a routine that is based mainly of this type of workout without losing all my strength/muscle. I do understand there may be a loss of some.

Can you guys help me to formulate a routine that would fit this description?

Equipment that i have:

Farmer's walk handle (both fat grip and narrow grip)
500lb tire
16 and 8 lb sledge hammer
Atlas stones- 90, 114, and 143 lb
Sand bag- 50, 100, 150, 200lb
Squat cage
DB handles
Fat gripz

After i get the details of the routine worked out ill add in some osta and ghrp-6.

All suggestions are welcome!