New to forum, but have info that might be interesting. I am a 60 yr old master powerlifter at 230 lb and 5'8". I am a 5 time world champion and holder of numerous state, national and world records. I have just finished a month of non steroidal suppliments and would like to share the results. I tried three patches by ageforce a testosteron, hgh and NO.

The NO patch worked from the beginning. After hvy squats I usually gasp for air for 30-40 seconds and then normal breathing does not return for 1-2 minutes. With the patch I still gasped for air, but that was foe 10-15 seconds and I was ready for another set in 2-3 minutes. It did allow for quicker recovery and a prolonged work out. i give this an A+.

The hgh patch worked almost from the beginning. I IS SUPPOSE TO LET YOU SLEEP LONGER AND DEEPER. iT DOES!! OOOpps sorry bout caps. I sleep sometimes an hour or two longer and before I did not remember any dreams. . . now I do. We all kinow that better rest results in quicker recovery, again I give this an A+

The last patch is a testosterone one. It took about 3 weeks to kick in and I was certainly getting frustrated until I found out about the time delay. Well i just finishes my squat cycle 2 dats ago and I hit a pr 440 raw squat and had another 10 lbs in me. @ weeks prior I hit a very difficult 415 dl but just 5 days ago I hit a 430 dl with less effort than the 415. Tomorrow I end my dl cycle and am going for another pr at 440. I can see the test kicking in in wt lifted and a less strained lift.

If you are looking for a non steroidal alternative give ageforce.com a look. It is also perfectly safe and clean for raw /pure lifters. I will keep mthe board updated on my progress where the suppliments are concerned.