First Deadlift competition

  1. First Deadlift competition

    I have pulled in a few North American Strongman events...but we are allowed wraps, and they are always for reps. Last weekend I entered my first strict DL comp. at the Iowa State Fair.

    Weight class: 198 (weighed in at 193 with jeans/T-shirt/shoes)
    Opening pull:605#

    Picture is of my final lift. All were good lifts...and I strongly believe I could have gone for 675#.
    I got first in my weight class, and 2nd best ratio overall.
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  2. Nice lift. That's 300kg (ish) @ 90kg in our money! That's very respectable indeed. Have an Irish "Maith thu" (well done) from me!
    Des C

  3. Nice bro

  4. That's a lot of weight...Good job.

    well done savage lift,doing a little powerlifting myself lifts wudnt be anything like yours but maybe you could give me some direction i weigh about 180lb deadlift is 440 for 5 reps my big problem is bottom end,i can lock out without to much problem on 550 if i get a spot with the first 2 r 3 inches of the floor but without that spot on the first few inches off the floor it feels like a tonne weight cant budge it,any idea which muscles are letting me down and excercises i should be doing that would help build them up? any advice would be great tnks v69

  6. Very nice lift man.

  7. Squat more, and practice speed deadlifts with less weight.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Cooky32 View Post
    Squat more, and practice speed deadlifts with less weight.
    WTF does that mean? I am more than happy to accept advice, but would sure like some explanation....thanks.

  9. If you want to increase your max deadlifts do more squats. Then practice speed deadlifts with bands if possible. Go on YouTube and look up westside Barbell club practice sessions.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by drivehard View Post
    WTF does that mean? I am more than happy to accept advice, but would sure like some explanation....thanks.
    First question is: Do you squat? If yes, describe the training.

    Dynamic Effort (DE) work is explosive speed training. I like to take 50% of my max work set and perform reps against short bands. You don't need much weight for this when you're starting out, so you might even put 40% on the bar when doing these.

    Grab the bar, and explode as fast as possible from the bottom position.

    Try doing 5-10 sets of 2.

    This is extremely easy to work into most raw programs. If you are looking to change up some of your accessory work, this might be a viable option for you. My DE template looks like this:

    Squat Max/Deadlift DE
    Bench Max/Accessory work
    Deadlift Max/Squat DE
    OHP/Bench DE


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