2360 @ 220 SPF Pro-Am Results

  1. 2360 @ 220 SPF Pro-Am Results

    Wish I had another 4 weeks to get dialed in especially on the bench as I only had a couple reps in it before meet.

    900 good
    970 good...felt like opener
    1010 good...solid and easy

    650 good
    700 miss @ lock
    700 miss a little closer than last one

    I made a lot of technical mistakes on the bench
    This put me 20lbs behind going into the deads

    700 miss. I pulled to lock then unlocked for some reason
    700 good
    775 miss

    Had to take the big jump at end to take a shot at winning. Pulled suit to tight and got out of position.
    1010, 650, 700 for 2360 @ 220
    #4 all time on squats, #9 for total.
    Should have broke 2500. But I guess that's for next time.

    The squats were filmed from the front so they look much higher than they were (you can disagree if you want but I don’t care, I’ve filmed probably thousands of squats). The first two I heard the up command but felt I was just hitting parallel so I went ahead and pumped a quick dip in there making sure I sunk it below parallel and getting 3 whites. With the third attempt I went ahead and came up after receiving only one up command getting 2 whites. Felt It was parallel based on experience but certainly not breaking. I was very happy with how strong all of them felt with the 970 felling like an opener and the 1010 like a second attempt. Too bad the rest of the meet didn’t go as well.

    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
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  2. Inspiring as always man.

  3. that was a great video. good job man
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.
  4. Future
    Future's Avatar

    You sir are crazy pants strong! Well done!

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