Starting strength log..

  1. Starting strength log..

    Figure I'd start a log on my starting strength routine.... I'm not strong by any means, I want to be though.. So my goals have changed.... I'm now lifting for strength....

    So here it was from day 1...

    Squat 3x5 95lbs
    Bench 3x5 95lbs
    Deads 2x5 135lbs
    Dios 2x8. Bw

    Day 2
    Squat. 3x5. 105lbs
    Overhead press 3x5. 55lbs
    Bent row 3x5. 75lbs
    Pull ups 3x5,4,2

    Day 3
    Squat 115lbs 3x5
    Bnech 105lbs 3x5
    Dead 3x5 140lbs
    Dips 2x8 bw

    Now I am stronger then this but am working on perfect form... And so I can get alot of progress..... For instance my Max bench is 205lbs.... So hoping I can do 225 by 5.... I'm 180lbs and 15-16%bf....

    Any motivation from fellow strongmen would be goals are squat 300lbs bench 280 dead 385

  2. You squat everyday?

  3. I squat 3 times a week yes.... I'm doing it just as starting strength is set up...

  4. Its cool I use to do that and might start back at it again next week.

  5. How did it work?



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