New Study on Increasing Your Bench Press

  1. Lightbulb New Study on Increasing Your Bench Press

    I was surfing around and stumbled across this little gem on how to increase your Bench Press:

    Effects of Different Vibration Exercises on Bench Press
    This study was undertaken to analyze the effects of different vibration recovery strategies via feet or hands on the number of repetitions performed and on mean velocity, peak velocity and blood lactate concentration during consecutive bench-press sets. 9 elite judo athletes performed 3 sets of bench press at 60% of one-repetition maximum (1RM), leading to failure and allowing a 180 s rest period between sets. During the rest period, 1 of the 3 following procedures was performed: 150 s rest plus 30 s push-up vibration exercise (Push-up), 150 s rest plus 30 s squat vibration exercise (Squat) or 180 s only rest (Passive). Statistical analysis revealed that the Squat condition resulted in a significant increase in the number of repetitions achieved, in comparison with all other rest strategies. However, kinematic parameters and blood lactate concentration were not affected by vibration. These data suggest that a vibration stimulus applied to the feet, between sets, can result in positive improvements in upper body resistance exercise performance. Although the mechanisms are not fully understood, this positive effect of vibration could be due to an increased motor cortex excitability and voluntary drive.

    I know you guys are looking for any edge you can get. Anyone want to put this to the test? My training partner already bailed.

  2. "vibration" does this mean using one of those half physio ball devices to add instability to the exercise?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by elgenyo View Post
    "vibration" does this mean using one of those half physio ball devices to add instability to the exercise?
    No, that's a BOSU Ball. Vibration training is one of the new buzz words in research.

    OP, I'd ignore it as most people, even in the ESS field, do not know how to properly bench.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Weird study.

  5. Vibration training is where the floor/platform actually vibrates (like a giant vibrator).
    I've seen studies where it was applied to squats & such, but not the bench. They showed pretty good strength increases, so maybe there's something to it.

    Major problem though: a vibrating platform isn't something you'll find in most gyms.
    So, its great if you have access to one I guess.

  6. Weird study.

  7. A vibrating platform would do nothing but piss me off when I was trying to lift

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CoorsLight126
    A vibrating platform would do nothing but piss me off when I was trying to lift
    Haha, yeah it would do that to most. Especially someone like me who gets a tad OCD when I lift.

    I haven't seen much else behind it, so I'm chalking it up as a nice fad if you have the money/access.
    Things for people to try who don't wanna just lift heavy &/or plot out load progressions. Basically people who don't wanna work for it.

  9. Best way is the same way everyone has been doing it.

  10. i was excited by the title of this thread and then i read the thread

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Brody Laybolt View Post
    i was excited by the title of this thread and then i read the thread
    lol x2

  12. Thats insane

  13. Easy fix... bring your girlfriend's vibrating buddy with you on bench day and roll it under your feet between sets. Honestly, no one will notice as there are already too many f*ckwits in the gyms nowadays. I did this and put 300 lbs on my bench in one week. True story...

  14. I've hit a plateau with benching and saw this forum and got so excited for some advice haha. I don't think im going to go out and find a vibrating
    platform anytime soon to see if it works haha. I wonder if this is going to become the new big thing in a few years haha..

  15. i first heard about this 7 years ago. or something like this. basically increasing strength and recovery with vibrating platforms. it looked promising at the time from the material i could find on it.

    and wow! a quick google search and there are a **** ton of them out there. many for a few hundred dollars. i dont remember the price of the commercial ones i first saw, but they were a few thousand dollars and meant to go into athletic facilities and gyms.


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