This shirt has been worn twice and is Practically Brand New, realised was slightly too big.

The shirt was bought for 252 Euros so obvious bargain for a lifter to pick up here. Selling so i can cover the cost of a new shirt, exactly the same shirt but a smaller size

It is a Multi - Ply shirt and not for IPF use. Gives a Great carryover from Raw pressing and works all the way from Chest to Lockout.

Size 54 would fit a lifter with measurements around -

135 cm
53 1/7 inch
115 cm
45 2/7 inch
Mid Bicep
39 cm
15 1/3 inch
Lower Bicep (2inch aove Elbow)
34 cm
13 2/5 inch

You will find it on Ebay at the moment if interested.