eSo it's been a long time since I have posted, but I have been training hard. So here is my new routine:


Heavy Deadlifts- warm-up with work sets 525-560x4x6-2 (I also work off of a platform some weeks, pulling out of the hole)
Heavy rack pulls- Heavy as possible and position varies
Heavy BB rows- 315x3x6
DB rows- 100x3x10
Shrugs 4x10-40 (wide grip BB and DB)
Power Cleans 185x3x10
BB Curls
Hammer Curls
*the type of row changes almost weekly along with which ones I go super heavy on. I often add plate rows, or change over to DB rows as sets 6-3 instead of working BB rows that heavy.


Behind the Neck shoulder Press: Warm-up with work sets 225x4x6
Pull-ups 5x6 -10 *done right after I set the bar down from Behind the Necks.
Seated slightly inclined DB Press- 80x6-10x3 90x4x2
Front raises- 50x4x8 *as strict as possible
Side raises- 50x4x8 *as strict as possible

BB French press- 135x3x15
Tri extension-


Abs and light cardio. Mostly Rest.


Heavy Squats warm-up with work sets 515-550x4x6-2 *Some weeks I work squats starting out of the bottom position, pausing each rep
Heavy Partials- heavyx3x3 *working to a single some weeks
Hack squats- 5x5-3 *sometimes use BB for behind the leg BB partial hack squats
Anderson Front Squats 3x6-10
Stiff leg DL 3x10 *mostly for a good hamstring stretch
Calf raises 4x10-40 *seated and standing
Leg Extension and curls 3x6-10


BB Bench Press 285-315 5x5-3 *alternate weekly or every couple of weeks to DB bench.
Floor Press- heavy
Incline DB press- 4x6-10
DB Fly- 4x12-15
One arm strict seated press 5x5 heavy
Close Grip Bench

I also try to add DB swings and snatches(because of the lack of KB's). Walking with weight, farmers walk and etc wherever they can be substituted or added in.

Everything is raw and use only a belt on heavy sets. DL I dont use straps. I am contemplating on competing in a PL meet in November. I also have even a stronger interest in competing strongman. I have recently found a gym that offers ALL the equipment needed, but they don't allow 'members' only people they can train. So I have to train in a 'regular' gym.

Any thoughts on the shoulder and chest side of things expecially would be appreciated.

****In one week I squat heavy and Dead light and alternate from there. If I dont pull to ME then I do some pretty intense work. Such as add sets of 20 at the end and things like that.

These are the heaviest I have worked, however with not as much rest and building muscular endurance my body cannot handle all of that each week. This is what it looks like in a perfect week.