sciatic nerve pain ..... help?

  1. sciatic nerve pain ..... help?

    Hey guys new to the forum ..... hope I'm posting in the right place. Been lifting pretty serious for 20 plus years, but only recently discovered powerlifting over the past few. Really enjoying it.

    Here's the problem. 1 month ago I tried sumo deadlifts for the first time. It was at the end of my normal deadlift workout. Really light weight just messing around. For a few days after that my hip felt numb, but not painful. Even said to my wife, "maybe I just pinched a nerve". So I took it easy for a few days. Then went back to the gym, felt ok, did a squat routine. Nothing too eventful. Went home, went to bed, woke up a few hours later with intense, shooting pain down my right quad. Never felt anything so intense. Long story short .... the pain lasted almost 3 weeks. Went to the doc ..... he just gave me pain killers and said it will go away eventually. Since then had x-rays, mri, gone to orthopedic doc, now going to nuero surgeon to have him read the mri. The pain is finally now starting to go away, but the quad and glute still feel stiff and weak. Oh yeah, starting PT next week too.

    None of the docs have been able to pinpoint what's exactly causing it, other than that it's a pinched nerve. So here's my question ..... has this ever happened to anyone else? And am I ever going to be able to powerlift again?
    Has anyone been able to fully recover from piriformis syndrome and go back to powerlifting?

    Returning to the gym tomorrow. Needless to say I won't be deadlifting or squating for at least a few more months .... if ever? And it completely bums me out. Looking for war stories or advice from guys that have been through this kind of thing before. Thanks.

  2. Need to find a good chiropractor man. You have a subluxation in your lumbar spine compromising your sciatic nerve. The pain may get better but as long as you need an adjustment you will see weakness through your legs. Since its been about a month since the inital event, you will need to revisit him several times to make sure it stays "in".

  3. And you dont have "Piriformis Syndrome" sometimes (in 0.5%) of the population the sciatic nerve embryologically develops through the piriformis. These people have weakness and trouble their whole lives, if they are active. Seeing your info you are 250 lbs and have been lifting for 20 years, if you had this problem, you would of found out about it before now. You simply need an adjustment, plus, subluxations or "being out" seldom show up on MRIs and Xrays. Good luck and if you need any help just let me know.

    And having "sciatica" totally sucks! I have had it twice and within a month of having your adjustments stick, you will be back to normal. I say that if you are semi serious about powerlifting I would visit a chiropractor once a month, MINIMUM.

  4. Hey I'm also having sciatic pain. I have a hard time even walking without a pain radiating from left hip down back of my leg. I had asked some of my training buddies who are PT's and they said rest is good for acute pain but if you had a pinched nerve you'd definitely kno it. My issue is I have one leg longer than the other... Result from heavy weight lifting while still growing... So I often get hip problems due to muscle tension. Anyways I was told that unles you have a pinched nerve or disc herniation in lumbar. Which if were the case... U wouldn't be able to do much... Most common cause is irritation/inflammation. But along with supplements such as glucosamine and chondroiton with msm have had great reviews and results from studies. Also I was told certain workouts and stretches are better than bed rest for the pain. Of pain is due to irritation... Exercise and stretching will increase joint fluidity and help lubricate it. Plus certain stretches can cause some immediate relief... This has worked for me... Hope it helps! Sciatic pain is a pain in my *** pun intended.

  5. I have had this happen to me twice and it goes away after icing my lower back daily for a week or so. The pain runs down the side of your leg and no matter what stretch you do it's still there. I would recommend trying usp laps super cissus rx to see if it help. Also see what type of shoes your wearing and make sure your comfortable in them. Ice will help out a lot or at least it did for me. Good luck.



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