Switch from 5x5 to 531?

  1. Switch from 5x5 to 531?

    Ok. I on my second madcow 5x5 run in a row, nearing week 8. Im thinking I have maybe a few more weeks in me for atleast 2 of the lifts. I've been been making great gains in strength and a little in size. Only problem I have (and always have had) is my bench is slow off the chest, which is causing me to stall out a lot sooner than my other lifts. Last time I had like 4 resets, but I was still progressing STRONGLY in my squat and moderately in deads so I just kept resetting until I started having a hard time elsewhere as well. I was thinking on going back to a westside template or trying out wendler's 5/3/1(been wanting to try that one for a while) to work on speed and some lat specific assistance work, but I'm wondering if it would be better to just continue my current 5x5 again(after a reset of course) until I have a harder time with ALL lifts rather than just the one. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  2. I switched to westside from 5x5 because it was too much on my hips. I have never done the 5/3/1. But I have made huge gains in my squat and dead. My bench has gone up but have minor injuries holding me back on total strength gains. But I feel the speed bench has increased my speed off my chest by working on my reversal strength. Everybody is different and respond differently to workouts. So If 5x5 is working stick with it. If you feel you need a change switch up.

  3. My hips are fine. I've made better squat gains in the last few months than in over the last year. I also have past shoulder injuries that don't help my bench any. I've had great gains with westside but I always have to switch back after a couple months. Probably my own lack in varying the exercises. Maybe I'll shoot for it again. Thanks for the reply.

  4. no problem. hope everything works for you.

  5. I edited out and deleted my last post due to lack of content but, I used a modified 5:3:1 for a while and it worked out great. I think if you want to change it up it would be a great option. If the 5x5 is working well just change up for 4 weeks or so and come back to it. Good luck with whatever route you go.

  6. Thats what I'm thinking liljoe. Gonna give it a go with the westside style assistance work(Dave Tate's old template) for one or two minnie cycles then hit the 5x5 back up fresh and see what happens.


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