Box Squat question

  1. Box Squat question

    so I just started a westside template

    for DE lower, I am doing box squats, 9x3 at 50/55/60%

    for ME lower, I will be rotating deficit DLs, box squats and GMs, working up to a 3RM

    regarding ME box squats, is form and execution the same as a DE box squat? Reason I ask is that if I keep the same form/execution, I think my numbers on the 3rm will be low. Does that matter, or will it still help increase my max?

    (raw gym max for 3rm is 505, did 605 three weeks ago with an old canvas squat suit in a meet)

    I also train raw, but for the squat I will don a suit a month before the meet. Since I cant train with those same meet weights, on DE days I am adding a high box squat after the 9x3 parallel box work and cranking out 3x5 with 500/550/600-700, and increasing numbers over three weeks to 650, then restarting. My thought is that I dont want 650-700 to surprise me come meet time. Good or bad idea?


  2. Yes your numbers on a box squat 3 rm will be a lot lower than your 3 rm regular squat. At least for me. I hit 550 box but reg squat in the 600's. On speed day the way i understand it is you progress up 50, 52.5,55,57.5,60 % but you can do it how you want it. But doing the heavy squats after speed I wouldn't do. I would put those heavy squats on max effort day. The reason is there is not as much recovery time between speed day and max day as max day to speed day.

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