Routine question

  1. Routine question

    Ok so I'm new to this forum and haven't really been into the powerlifting so much as wanting to get stronger. I have been using a pyramid routine for almost 3 years now (switching things up every so often) and am looking to get more weight on the bench press. I weigh 165-168 lbs stand 5' 7" and my current max is only 280 lbs. I want more!! Looking for opinions on best powerlifting routines to go with. Thanks in advance.

  2. Let me clarify here...... I AM NOT looking for a "GAIN 200 LBS ON YOUR BENCH IN 6 WEEKS! WE SHOW YOU HOW!" B.S. routine. What I am wanting is some honest opinions on what worked best for you to make steady gains. Not what worked the fastest but what worked the BEST. I understand that it all comes with hard work and dedication (both of which I have) so I am just looking for another routine to go with for a while to take a break from the pyramid. Thanks.

  3. i have two bench days a speed day on tues and a heavy day on sat
    speed day
    wide grip bench 45% max 3 sets 3 reps 30 sec rest
    med grip bench 45% max 3 sets 3 reps 30 sec rest
    close grip bench 45% max 3 sets 3 reps 30 sec rest
    (each set should take no longer than 3 sec and when u change grips still only take a 30 sec rest)
    incline db 3 sets 20 reps 1 min rest
    db floor darts 6 sets 6 reps 1 min 30 sec rest
    tri ext w/ barbell on the floor 5 sets 8 reps 1 min 30 sec rest
    cable press downs v bar 4 sets 20 reps 1 min 30 sec rest
    band press down 1 set 100 reps
    heavy day
    warm up to 5 sets 3 reps flat bench rest as needed
    board press (1,2or 3 boards depends on where im weakest at) 6 sets 4,5 reps rest as needed
    floor presses barbell 6 sets 2-6 reps rest as needed add bands or chains when ready
    pin presses work up to 5 sets of 3 reps (hold at lock-out for a count of 2 sec
    plate raises 4 sets6-8 reps
    lateral raises 4 sets 6-8 reps
    rev butterflys 4 sets 6-8 reps
    hammer curls 7 sets 7 reps
    thats about it i do change the sets and reps up from time to time and i may take longer to rest if i feel i need it u just have to feel it out as u go but this is what i picked up from the M.M. in the short time i got to train with them

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