Ostarine for powerlifting

  1. Ostarine for powerlifting

    Has anybody tried ostarine for powerlifting?

  2. I decided to bite the bullet and bought ostarine. I'm going to be using it to lose fat, maintain muscle and increase strength. My current weight is 205 lbs at around 25% bodyfat. My best lifts are 200 for bench, 275 for squat and 396 for deadlift. I will be running it for 8 weeks at 12.5mgs per day. I will be using westside template for lower body but i will be doing high reps and sets for upper body and will only be working upper body 1 day a week. I want 2 gain as much mass on my arms as possible as they are disproportionaly small. The added mass should help my bench down the line. I will update periodically.

  3. Got my ostarine today. I've decided to front load with 25 mgs for 4 days then drop down to 12.5 mgs.

  4. i really havent seen any strength increase while on it, but most say it kicks in around week 3 which will be next week for me.

  5. I've twice as much ostarine as I thought. I'm going to dose 50mg per day for a few days and then drop down to 25mg for 7 weeks. I haven't noticed any effects yet. Beastlybean are you cutting or bulking? What kind of routine are you following?

  6. don't take this the wrong way bigdex, but the lower bodyfat percentage you have, the great effect most anabolics will have on you. so having such a high BF% to start with might make the effect of ostarine seem less on you. just a thought though. good luck with the weight loss dude!

  7. Hi, just wanted to know the lifetime of ostarine in blood, as i am a olympic weghtlifter, i just wanted to know just to not get down tieh anti dopping test

  8. Sorry I havn't posted lately my life's been a bit hectic. I've just been diagnosed with ADHD-pi. My studies have been going pretty baldly lately hopefully things will pick up now that I have a diagnosis and can get help. I have been so preoccupied with this problem that I haven't been working out but I have still been taking the osta. I hope to get back to working out tomorrow. I have noticed that my joints feel alot better but other than that I have nothing to report.

    The half life of ostarine is around 24 hours.

  9. yes, 24 hour half life.

    Day 3 for me i have bean getting restless sleep.

  10. day 10, front squat 150kg - back squat 210
    10 days before front squat 120 and back squat 160

  11. How were the strength gains on this? Btw eca worked better for my adhd than adderall, ritalin, or focalin.lol just sayin
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