WR raw deadlift!

  1. WR raw deadlift!

    Just showing a video of what just happened today. Benedikt Magnusson pulled a 1015 raw deadlift. This is not only the biggest raw lift in history, but destroys the largest equipped lift in history. Insane **** right here! Looked like he was good for 1050.

    YouTube - 1015lbs deadlift- Benedikt Magnusson
    I will sleep with you AND your pet for 50 bucks!

  2. Looked like he was good for 1200 ... LOL

  3. Quote Originally Posted by HondaV65 View Post
    Looked like he was good for 1200 ... LOL
    Yeah I have seen some videos where he grinds through the reps and still shows power at *******. He completely kick that reps ass. Lots more weight in him. Pretty unreal that Konstantine Konstantinov and Andy Bolton were really working on a race to 1000, then Benni just blasts up an easy 1015.
    I will sleep with you AND your pet for 50 bucks!

  4. What I like about Bolton is that he does all 3 lifts, great squat also with a 800ish bench

  5. wow andy has some work to do

  6. This was really implressive. He destroyed it. That ranks in the vecinity of Coans 901 imo.

  7. This is insane

  8. im speechless...really looks like he could've did more than that! damn,,,...im still scratching my head

  9. Think of all that ATP expenditure that just took place there...impressive


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