in need of some benching advise

  1. in need of some benching advise

    im a 198 class bencher and every time i get heavy around 455 up to 495 (raw) the bar seems to drift to my right a few inches at about half way up in the press and i stall at about an inch or two from lock out, im pretty sure its an imbalance but for the life of me i cant put my finger on what it cld be ive gone to doing all back and shoulder movement with DBs in hopes it wld fix it but nothings changing no better no worse, and when i do pin presses from there it does the same thing but if i move the pins up to the next setting im straight all the way to lock out. so there it is and i feel as dumd as a boxof rocks right now so any ideas wld help thx

  2. Its a tricep problem most likely, I would focus on close grip board presses and heavy lying db tri ext.

  3. dang i hadnt even thought of that thanks big guy ill give it a swing

  4. I agree with mongoSS 100%. It sounds to me like your limited by tricep strength. I have a similar problem and do a lot of different close grip methods and it's helped me. My bench is far from yours my friend. Impressive numbers.

  5. I am a big fan of not training the muscle but training the movement pattern. Train the movement patter high boards for that or lockouts, preferably high boards as thats closer to the movement pattern.

  6. thanks for all the advise i have been CG 3 boards and floor tri ext w/ the 100s &110s, and just did my first heavy raw bench in a month and a half and pr'ed at 545 thanks mongoss & mm11 as for steelwolf i am going to go with your advise from here out better to train right than fight to fix an imbalance thank u all for your knowledge


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