Cardio & Powerlifting

  1. Cardio & Powerlifting

    Any suggestions on doing cardio without it having negative affects on strength.

  2. short cardio is best. Interval training or HIIT type cardio is preferable to long slow cardio. Probably no cardio over 20min at a time.

  3. I've actually found the high intensity interval stuff to be much harder to recover from and affect my strength more than the low intensity stuff. The low intensity stuff (heart rate ~120) should not decrease your strength provided you don't add too much too fast or do it for hours at a time. Doing this for ~30 minutes a few times a week shouldn't hinder recovery or strength much. Doing some of the high intensity interval work can work too, but be very careful with the volume at first as it will certainly affect recovery if you do too much.
    Whatever you do, start very slowly and do less than you think you need to. If you add it in slowly over a longer period of time it is much less likely to be detrimental to your strength.

  4. Im no pro but i only did some to stimulate hunger and lower intesnisty
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. I log anything over 5 reps as cardio : P

  6. lol thats true

  7. Wendler advocates the prowler and hill runs for conditioning

  8. I do a 15 minute "warm up", low intensity, on a Concept 2 rower before each workout.

    After the workout - I'll hit the rower again for an additional 5 minutes moderate intensity - followed a 4 minute HIIT protocol - 20 seconds (balls out) and 10 seconds (complete stop) - eight intervals of that - so 4 minutes total.

    I don't do this on leg day - that's squats and deads and I don't have the strength to do the HIIT on those days.

    I like the HIIT because it saves time and ...

    I think, in addition to the cardiovascular / fat burning benefits - I believe it makes me stronger by forcing my muscles to adapt to complete burn out. It's said that HIIT can elicit a similar muscular response as resistance training does.

    This is also easier on my joints - I'm getting up there in age and my joints don't like 40 minutes of repetitive motion anymore - even if it's low impact. Less joint pain means Honda gets to lift longer and harder in the free-weight section with the real men.

  9. have alot of sex and dont be lazy when you are doing it

  10. Simple yes. I do both SS and I train with other methods with weight.

  11. what about barbell complexes?

  12. <sarcasm>
    cardio is for chumps. i do prowlers, slosh pipe carries (zerchers, yoke walks, etc), farmers, tire flips, and sledge work till the cows come home though.

    i used be an avid runner and cyclist. but i must say i really like that stuff now. i'll throw in some tabata style KB swings 1-2 times a week too. good stuff.

  13. Hills, prowlers, strongman style conditioning, and HIIT style stuff. If I had one piece of advice lift like a powerlifter and condition like a fighter, just a lot shorter duration.

  14. HIIT, or just short HIT sessions. Alternatively you could go for the LISS if you're at the end of a workout. What's also key is not just eating up nutrients (you can always eat more) but being the most anaerobic as you can be. This seems to help with explosiveness.


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