Attn: 175 Pounders Who Can Raw Bench Double Their Bodyweight

  1. Attn: 175 Pounders Who Can Raw Bench Double Their Bodyweight

    MHP's Kings of the Bench V will be taking place at The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo in Mesquite (Dallas), Texas on April 2nd. All entry forms must be in the mail no later than March 1st.

    Every year I get phone calls and emails from around the country from benchers saying that they WOULD enter and that they WOULD win if it weren't for Joe Mazza competing (in the past the prize money has been "winner take all".)

    So, this year I decided to give these self promoters a chance to back up their talk and we threw another $1,000 into the prize money pile and all of it's going towards the 2nd place finisher in the 175 and Under Bwt Division. That means that 1st place will win $1,000 cash in that class and 2nd place will also pick up $1,000 cash.

    Our 176+ weight division's stacking up nicely but, to date, we've only got 2 benchers signed up for the lightweight division. And Joe Mazza's NOT one of them (he's got a lot of professional and family obligations going on this year and it's doubtful he'll be able to make the trip this time.)

    We've announced this increased prize money by mailing out 100 gym posters, 5,000 event fliers and we ran a full page, full color ad in this month's Powerlifting USA. So the ostrich effect's not gonna work for these self proclaimed "champions in waiting." They know the offer's on the table, waiting for them to answer the call.

    So, if your's are made out of steel (and not just hot air) then throw your ballz in a wheelbarrow and sign up to do battle at MHP's Kings of the Bench V !

    To get an entry form please leave a voicemail at 1.503.221.2238 or email your full name and mailing address to [email protected] .com You can also download and print the entry form off the bottom of our website homepage at (just click on the PDF link directly below the online version of the entry form.)

    But please remember that all entry forms must be post marked no later than March 1st, thanks!

    MHP's Kings of the Bench V
    Video Coverage on, and on
    Post Contest Print Coverage in Iron Man Magazine, Planet Muscle and in Powerlifting USA

  2. What about late entry's

  3. If you're interested in competing please contact our business office at 1.503.221.2238 (voicemail) or email me at Seanzilla at

    If House of Pain has your shirt/shorts size in stock (with the custom event printing on it) and if we can get your paperwork processed over the next 7 days, then we can get you added to the lightweight bench line-up as that's one of the only divisions where we're still trying to add a bencher or two (there's room in the 315 bench-for-reps challenge too if you're interested?)

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