What is the distance they usually walk in the farmers walk?

  1. What is the distance they usually walk in the farmers walk?

    I was just curious as the distance they walk in a contest when doing the farmers walk? Right now i'm training with up to 230 lbs/hand (total including weight of handles) probably 40 yards at a time. Also, on the tire flips, I can do a 930 lb one but only a few flips and its hell. It takes me a couple minutes, a 750 tire I could probably get a few more times. What is a good way to train on these exercises? Is it better to use a lighter one for more distance?

  2. The farmers is different from event to event. I usually see a 40 yards down and back. Either touching the line, or going around a cone. Also seen 50 yard dashes, and 80 yard straight lines. Just depends on who is doing the hosting, and where it is being held.
    Take a look here for upcomming contests to get a handle on what is "normal"

  3. thanks, big help for sure

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