Length of PL/strongman workouts off Gear

  1. Length of PL/strongman workouts off Gear

    Title says it all.
    I take 10-15 min to warm up thoroughly.
    Since im taking 3-5 min between my heavy sets my workouts last 2-3 hours.
    If im not on roids does this seem like too long of a workout, even for powerlifting? I have DOMS after every workout.

    How long are your workouts?

  2. 2-3 hours on one body part? I personally can't go over 45min before I am gassed

  3. Depends on a lot of factors:
    Work out volume

    You should be able to get through any workout in two hours or less, probably less. Check out some of the westside barbell articles on periodization and programming. most people honestly overtrain, they do more than is necessary. Another good guidline would be to look at a.s. prilipins (not sure on spelling) table. It is a good guidline for volume for main lifts.

  4. my 5/3/1 workouts typically take a little over 2hours, my fastest is like 75mins on deload week

  5. If you are taking more than 1.5 hours you are doing too much or going too slow. The only exception would be if you are working with a large crew of lifters and it takes a long time to get through everyone. Even if you are taking 3-5 minutes between heavy sets, you should only have a handful of sets that are heavy enough you need to take 3-5 minutes between sets and that should only be for one exercise, maybe two at most. The rest of your assistance work should be at a pretty fast pace. Even when working up to a heavy SQ in equipment with a 1000 lb. squatter we are done with the training session in an hour and a half.



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