How many times can you squat 250?

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  1. Today's squat workout...added the 250 at the end.

    135 x 12
    225 x 12
    315 x 10
    355 x 8
    375 x 4
    250 x 20...and I thought I was gunna die...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    The best I've done was 26 @ 225 with a few working sets before. I was thinking about trying to see if I could do 225 x 25 for 4 sets = 100 reps. I would need very long breaks. Thinking about it hurts.
    I miss doing workouts like this, fun stuff I will try asap but today I want to do 500 jumps with jump rope every three hours till bedtime

  3. I can do 275 for 20, and while my legs were feeling major pumps I think the thing that was giving out was my upper back towards the end. So at 250, I might only do a few extra.

    EDIT: took out a flame comment


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