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    Well its time.

    A little insight as to what i was like when i was 15.

    I was 95 pounds on a good day and i eat say very very little I could not stand it being so skinny because of a infection and a medical treatment to kill it. I would lay in bed and wake up with a bruse on my hip or butt or elbow cause i was so skinny. Im just glad it over.

    now im 18 and i am 140 pounds give or take i feel im ready to start strongmen training or at least geting ready for it.

    My family has above average ability to build muscle so im sure i can make some kind of gains in a month or so. I also have a few family members who are bodybuilders who I asked and would lend me a hand if needed.

    Im making this for any one who is skinny and needs motivation in there work out as i every day I will be posting my work out log and how much I ate.

    here are my stats.

    height- 5 foot 9 inches

    weight- 140 pounds

    body fat- can see abs so its low.

    Motivation to work out- Has become higher and higher.

    Again this is going to be a log of my progress for all to see and for all who need motivation I would like for anyone to post there or support for my training I would enjoy it!!!

  2. Well I was not able to start my work out when i wanted due to RL issues so here is today's work out.

    15 min warm up of stretching and slow jog.
    Bench press

    1st Set- 60 lbs for 4 reps

    2nd set- 80 lbs for 4 reps

    3rd set- 80 lbs for 4 reps

    4th set- 95 lbs for 7 reps

    Barbell Row-

    1st set- 75 lbs for 4 reps

    2nd set- 75 lbs for 4 reps

    3rd set- 90 lbs 4 reps

    4th set- 120 lbs 8 reps

    Push ups

    3 sets of 6 reps

    pull ups

    3 sets of 5 reps

    I was a little angry this week i dint really know why but it sure helped me during training.

    I am for some reason no hungry after my work outs so its hard to eat a small meal i like to down after the hard days work. I'm also getting wrist pain when i do push ups and not to sure why that happens eather so any input would help thanks.

    For food i eat every thing I get get my hands on hehe.

    morning i eat 3 eggs 2 glass of whole milk a 4 pieces of rye bread.

    snack is turkey with grave milk and 4 pieces of bread ( not sure what kind it was)

    lunch was again turkey milk and grave with stuffing and 2 pieces of pizza

    snack was more pizza with what else then milk.

    supper was steak and sour cream with milk and water to drink.

    then work was as posted then steak and left over Chinese food.

  3. I graduated high school at 128lbs and 5'11 inches didn't start lifting tell i was 22 I am now 27 and my weight is between 170 and 185 depending on what my diet how hard i'm training out. when i started lifting i could barley bench 135 I was pushing over 300lbs by 24. Go for it man get your diet right it the only way us skinny guys can gain weight.

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