sizing for inzer forever belt

  1. sizing for inzer forever belt

    Need help picking a size. Inzer customer service wasnt to helpfull. My measurement is 35 inches. thats measured where my belt will be with my lifting gear. I am mid line with where ill be with weight for awhile. I could bulk up at times and i could lean out at times. Im not sure of how the inzers fit and how the adjustments are.

    heres the two sizes im looking at

    med: 33-35

    large: 36-39

    any suggestions from inzer users?

  2. I have a medium and my waist is 33-34 inches. With the belt on im on the 9th hole in from the start. So i have 3 holes to play with incase i lose more weight and 8 holes incase i get bigger. Hope you understand what im sayin and if not just pm me and i will try to elaborate more. I say you should be golden with a medium.

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